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Federal govt reports 20 COVID-19 cases in Vallarta on April 17th

Vallarta Opina English Staff
Puerto Vallarta

Last Friday, the Federal Departament of Health in Mexico (S.S., by acronym in Spanish), has confirmed additional COVID-19 cases for different states, including Jalisco. This last one reachs 190 confirmed cases and, unfortunally, 13 deaths.

Meanwhile, the same office uploaded the COVID-19 Spreading Index for the municipalities. Here is where, taking a look over Puerto Vallarta numbers, the virus officially add 4 cases to the current list, for a total of 20, and keep the death toll in just 3.

However, only 11 infected are considered as ‘active cases’ (still ill people), because 6 local citizens whom where infected just recovered naturally, and 3 other persons have died.

In the other hand, the neighboring city of Bahia de Banderas, wich is located inmediatly crossing the Ameca river, is counting 5 cases, but only 3 active, after 1 infected patient recovered and another died yesterday.

Back in Puerto Vallarta, there are still 57 persons with “suspected symptoms”, therefore their tests, under study righ now by the public and private laboratories, will determinate those who are really infected and, as the result, probably increase the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city, during the following days.

The pandemy in Mexico is now about to escalate to “Phase 3”, but there is not a speciffic date to expect this happen, just it will be happening “eventually and by regions and first in big cities, and acording to the spreading local levels inside each municipality, not in the same moment for all the country”, have said the mexico’s federal minister of Pomotion and Prevention for Health, Hugo Lopez Gatell.

Finally, the dead toll in all Mexico is over the 565 persons, meanwhile the confirmed infected patients are 6’875. In additional to this, is very important to remind that, according to the S.S., there are 8 estimated COVID-19 cases for each one who has been detected and confirmed.

This last information means, technically, Mexico has a real number of infected people of more than 57 thousands. And Puerto Vallarta should have, to this moment, not 20, but 160 COVID-19 ill persons.

Puerto Vallarta reachs 20 cases, according to the federal registry of the pandemy in the official Departament of Heatlh’s website.

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